How Much Profit Can Your Franchise Make

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Hi Most franchisors do not provide this data. Some others provide data from a subset of all the locations which may make a few wonder why provide data for only a few and if the other locations do not perform well.

We can help but only a select few of you because it takes a lot of effort to find out this information.

We will begin by saying that we cannot guarantee what your profits will really be. This is because individual results will vary by so many factors like the amount of effort you put in, the location, competition in your area, buying power of the potential customers in your area, etc.

We will help you by calling a few franchise owners of the same franchise that you want to own and finding out what their experience has been like. We will rely on what they tell us and so we cannot guarantee accuracy. Additionally, we cannot call everyone, so we will only call a few to get a good idea.

Ultimately, the final risk is yours, but you wanted to do business so that is what you are signing up for. We are only trying to reduce that risk for you, and there is nothing we or anyone can do to fully eliminate that risk.

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