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    You want to be an entrepreneur, but you don't fully understand whether you should start from the scratch or start a franchise. There are a number of considerations. For example, if it is entirely your business you get to keep all the profits, but you may not know which product or service the customers prefer the most or how to attract and service these customers.


    This is first-come-first-served basis free service only for those who are a bit more advanced in their decision-making process. A personal consultant can help you make an informed choice. If you prefer to work with someone for free to go over your range of options and decide the best one for you, this is for you.  We can only do this for a limited number of individuals each month and reserve the right to refuse.  To be considered for this, you will be asked for a very brief survey to understand where in the process you are. 


    This is the only source we know that offers this service. We interview other franchise owners to find out how much are they making and if they are satisfied with the franchise that you might be considering. We can offer this only at our discretion to only a select group of people. To those we will decide to offer this service, we will do so for free (only for a limited time) for one franchise and for a fee for the second franchise of your choice. 

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